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Various Artists - Inner Panic 2

Various Artists - Inner Panic 2
LabelManic Dragon
Typecompilation, CD

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Baphomet Engine - Inner Panic 2


01 CPC - High
02 Gorump Peyya - Urta Kopa
03 Savage Scream - Lost
04 Stranger - Panic Manic
05 Baphomet Engine - Mulambo
06 Ghreg on Earth vs Mubali vs Ocelot - Intro Spective
07 Stereographic - Science Fiction Becomes Real
08 Claw - No More Silence
09 Wing Ping - Tricky Touches
10 Far East Ghost - Center Of Chaos

01 Ghreg on Earth vs Mubali vs Ocelot - IntroSpective
02 Claw - No more Silence
03 Baphomet Engine - Mulambo
04 Wing Ping - Tricky Touches
05 Stereographic - Science Fiction Becomes Real
06 Stranger - Panic Manic
07 Savage Scream - Lost
08 CPC vs Far East Ghost - Ground of Darkness
09 Gorump Peyya - UrtaKopa
10 Far East Ghost - Center of Chaos (2008 Remix)

It's that familiar gut wrenching feeling rumbling deep inside, pulsating along the waves of the sonic ocean, throbbing and circulating in all directions. A voice speaks inside your mind, predicting your thoughts. Somehow, miraculously, all matters in the universe makes absolute sense and everything falls into place. At that enlightening moment, you realize it was your own voice talking. Instantly, insanity crosses your mind, followed swiftly the possibilities of having entered the next place. Meanwhile your body reacts involuntarily, twitching with the rhythm of the music. It could be the reaction of ultimate paranoia or perhaps the realization of true freedom. Looks like you've caught the Inner Panic 2. What is happening inside only you know. The cause is still unknown, it is highly contagious and without cure! According to Fried Babas, prolonged listening and dancing will have a dramatic effect on the inner panic, but what sort of effect occurs will be unique to everyone...

Complied by Fried Babas

CD2 mixed and recorded by DJ Keiki at Heaven+Hell studio, Tokyo

Super Special Thanks to Takeomi Matsuura a.k.a. FarEastGhost

Various Artists - Inner Panic 2: Front