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Various Artists - Isralien EP

Various Artists - Isralien EP
LabelBalloonia Records
Typesingle, vinyl


01 Mascok - Mascok
02 Psysex - L.S.Dance
03 Infected Mushroom feat. Xerox - Acid Killer
04 Resistance Activity - G.Tests

Psysex - L.S.Dance

'This is not a good town for Psychedelic Drugs'

'Castration, Double Castration'

'Here it comes'

'They gave me the LSD & they took me to the hotel, I don't know what they've done to me but I remember it was horrible. They gave you what? LSD, LSD, EEEEEELLLLL EEEEEESSSSS DDDDDDEEEEE'

Taken from the movie 'Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas'

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas

Various Artists - Isralien EP: Side A
Various Artists - Isralien EP: Side B