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Various Artists - Japanhythm

Various Artists - Japanhythm
LabelPhreex Networx
Typecompilation, CD


01 Fatal Discord - Empty Notion
02 Fierce - Brutality In Silence
03 Noise Gust - Biomechanical Brain
04 Stigma - Killer Mind
05 Nyarlthotep - Teratogen
06 Galaxy Madness - Chaos Theory
07 Psycho Wizard - Tamatebako
08 Baal - No Window
09 Savage Scream - My Law
10 Jun - Hitsumabushi

Tokyo-based label Phreex Networx is back again after their debut album 'phenix, which was released at the end of last year, this time featuring 100% Japanese artists. Who could imagine that a compilation which consists of only Japanese producers of underground psychedelic trance music would come out so soon? The world is moving so fast, the sun is rising from the East. Savage Scream, Galaxy Madness, Noise Gust and other promising newcomers will take u to the world in Japanese Rhythm. Hey Be Careful! They have no words for fluffy!