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Various Artists - Jitter Glow

Various Artists - Jitter Glow
LabelAuraQuake Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Atriohm - Jitter Glow


01 Parus - X-Bilet
02 Atriohm - Spell Drops
03 Penta - Turning 30
04 Atriohm vs Encephalopaticys - Among The Stars
05 Ghreg on Earth - Twilight Zeitgeist
06 Penta - Rio
07 Atriohm - Rings Of Fairy
08 Vous Deux - Wild Wild West
09 Parus - Groza

JitterGlow, the third release from AuraQuake Records, is destined to inspire many dancefloors this year and beyond. Consisting of ridiculously psychedelic and driving tracks, this compilation is a treat for everyone who loves experimental night trance music. Three compositions from Macedonian duo Atriohm including one versus track with Encephalopaticys, two tracks from Penta, one mega-collaboration from Ocelot vs. Mubali vs. Alien Mental vs. Dylalien vs. Pitt vs. Dejanas Vous Deux and single tracks from Parus and Ghreg on Earth create a hysterical compote of noises, voices, sharp kick drums and hurricanebasslines to quench your thirst for esoteric wickedness!!!

Relentless psychedelic adventure that will barbecue your brain well done. AuraQuake records second compilation is here!

Various Artists - Jitter Glow: Front