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Various Artists - Kagdelicious 3

Various Artists - Kagdelicious 3
LabelKagdila Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Kalilaskov AS - Kagdelicious Vol.3


01 Kalilaskov As - Dark Psilosphy
02 Noise Gust - Slow Ruin
03 Blisargon Demogorgon - Damaged Ears
04 Baphomet Engine - Mushmoon
05 J3tek - Psychedelic Agenda
06 Phobos Azazel - Black Fog, Deep Talk
07 Random & Ocelot - Something Different
08 Kalilaskov As vs Strezz - Psydorados
09 Terranoise - Shadowland
10 Iron Madness - Scabbiness

Kagdelicious Vol. 3 is continuing the series with dark/night time/twilight psytrance feelings.The first two Kagdelicious series were more melodic-full on-&-ambient.

This CD is catering to the dark/night music lovers. The music has had great success on various dance floors in North America & around the globe. We believe this third volume will please to much more people as it features exclusively well known released names. Kagdelicious Vol 3 cd sounds like: "night time psychedelic/twilight trance" music. It flows into a nice progression from soft to crunchy to hard to psychedelic sounds ranging from 143-150 bpm. Perfect for the peak hours of the night!!!

Quality music from today's and past psychedelic musician stars. Not to be missed, a perfect cd to be played in indoor/outdoor festivals this summer.