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Various Artists - Kagdelicious 4

Various Artists - Kagdelicious 4
LabelKagdila Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Freaked Frequency - Kagdelicious
02 Message From God - Playing Trix On Your Mind
03 Quantum Leap - Rakia
04 Silver Sun - Io Sound
05 Atomic Pulse - Flying Objects
06 Cosmic Station - 9 Am
07 Mystikal Vibe - Still Go
08 Holymen - Red Queen
09 2 Minds - Stop In My Mind

Kagdila Records is proud to announce "Kagdelicious Volume 4" compiled by Quantum Leap.

After two busy years, Quantum Leap joined forces with old school producers Message From God aka MFG, and Holymen, the hit creators Freaked Frequency and Atomic Pulse, plus the highly talented producers Silver Sun, Cosmic Station, Mystikal Vibe and 2Minds, to bring back another stunning compilation.

The mission is to provide top notch music into today's scene, crossing several musical boundaries from morning full-on, to psy trance and retro style.

Kagdelicious Volume 4 is the next step forward into psychedelic music, don't miss this outstanding compilation, it will blast the dance floors in Europe, Asia, Middle East, South and North America.

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