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Various Artists - Killah! Killer

Various Artists - Killah! Killer
LabelKillah! Tea Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Decibel - That's What Is Really Cool
02 Blisargon Demogorgon - Dreams Turned Into Nightmares
03 Dark Nebula - Mary Poppins Pills
04 Abandoned Noise - Sounds Of Hell
05 Darkreaction - Dark Reaction
06 Dreamthief - I Get Freaky
07 Wizack Twizack - Hell
08 DarkPsy - Friend (Remix)
09 Turntribe - Take Action
10 Bufferzone - Sword In The Stone

The debut release from Killah! Tea brings together a collection of twisted psychedelic night monsters for your listening pleasure and takes the night genre in exciting new directions. Opening the compilation with the Australian duo of Decibel who offer a deep and resonant stomper. Next up on the Killah! roster is Blissargon Demorogon with another booming night time monster of a track. Dark Nebula returns with one of his strongest tracks to date that's sure to make nightmares on any dance floor. A new side project of Blissargon follows with the aptly named Abandoned Noise delivering the hard dark sounds we could expect. Dark Reaction follows in the footsteps delivering a Portuguese twister of psychedelic sounds with a pounding kickdrum that resonates deeply. Melbourne artist Dreamthief is next up with his dark and brooding music of the soul. Wizzack Twizack follows up next with yet another of his Swedish forest masterpieces that are already familiar to a lot of listeners. Returning again to the driving bass heavy danced floor monsters Darkpsy offers up another strong track of psychedelic mayhem with an edge of night melody to keep things interesting. New artist Turntribe features next with a nice guitar track for some heavy stomping. The v/a is concluded with a remix of an old favorite by Melbourne duo Bufferzone which is sure to drive any dance floor into a frenzy.