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Various Artists - Kimiks - Original Parkerz

Various Artists - Kimiks - Original Parkerz
LabelSolarsiv Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Nizzel - Resorama
02 Ski-Fi - So Far
03 Satyagraha - Detector
04 D-tector - Square Root
05 Aviron - Snow View
06 Xhano - Sense
07 Innermind - Underline
08 Actsense - Spell The Vision
09 Psyborg - Dias De Xl

Here is the ultimate Solarsiv Records' compilation, compiled by dj Bush as a tribute to Original Parkerz crew, now exploring the late morning psychedelic progressive sounds. The tracks included in this compilation will give you a soft and smooth dreamy feeling, due to the flowing melodies that perfectly follow the wild beats time, and will let everyone dance in a relaxing way, peacefully thinking about things happening around us, with the most opened mind. All the tunes also contain light grooves that will help to provide you a long sweet journey, and for sure no one would ever let it stop... So, it's time to listen and enjoy this masterpiece, which represents a fresh and new style for the Italian label.

Various Artists - Kimiks - Original Parkerz: Front