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Various Artists - Knowledge Of Darkology

Various Artists - Knowledge Of Darkology
LabelPlutonic Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Knowledge Of Darkology


01 Delysid - Darkside Of The Moon
02 Dark Elf & Narcosis - Esta N Hesta
03 Phobium - Risk
04 Sattwa - Psycho Vector
05 K_Lapso - Hypromelose
06 A.P.E. vs Outer Signal - Infowars
07 Bodhisattva 13:20 - Realm 9
08 Vectro Electro - Born In Pain
09 Megalopsy - Maleficio
10 Dark Summer - Crossroad Of Beyond

Knowledge is like pandoras box; mysterious and we dont know what is behind of it, we dont know who is creating that energy and who is the leader of everything. In this millenium we have discovered special field with special road which droves us from basic box of whole knowledge to dark channels of wisdom. We have collected proffesors and juniors, established one system where they are working together as one. They are teaching us, showing us their cappability and masterwork, gaving us lessons, courses, knowledge in one thing; In thing that we have discovered field called DARKOLOGY.

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