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Various Artists - Kumharas 4

Various Artists - Kumharas 4
LabelHoots Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Kumharas - Kumharas Lounge Ibiza - Volume 4


01 Lenny Ibizarre - When The Ocean Smiles
02 Deep Dive Corp. - Rising Sun (Flipside Shine Remix)
03 Nitin Sawhney - Mausam
04 Toires - Menara (Nomadbrothers Remix)
05 The Islanders - Care About Earth
06 Elea - Neighbours
07 Aes Dana - Opalin
08 Waves Tour On Mind - Tribe Of Sand
09 Hypnotizer - Desert Mantra
10 Ohm-G vs Bussian - By Chance
11 Morphogenetic - Sapphire
12 Razoof - Ghostbusta Dub (Solar Moon Version)
13 Simon Guerrini - Mina
14 Cell - T-Ion (Part 2)

This new opus in the 'Kumharas Lounge Ibiza' compilation series, mixed by Swann (Elea), permanently establishes the place that has been its inspiration, the Kumharas Bar, among the great names in Balearic chill out today.

Imagine yourself on the water's edge in the cool of the evening, a caipirina in front of you, between the sun setting in the Mediterranean and your half-closed eyes, relaxing with Lenny Ibizarre, Deep Dive Corporation, Ohm-G and THE MorphogenEtic; flying on a long-distance carrier toward India and the bewitching melodies of Nitin Sawhney; then back to the Mediterranean with the mystical tones of the Corsican Simon Guerrini.

A flight over the Big Blue takes you walking in the dunes of the Sahara with Toires vs Nomad Brothers and Hypnotizer.

A little detour through Jamaica with Razoof, and you are ready for take-off into the cosmic, psychedelic spheres of Aes Dana, Elea, Cell, The Islanders, and Waves Tour On Mind!

Have a good trip...

Various Artists - Kumharas 4: Front