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Various Artists - Left Speaker Dancer

Various Artists - Left Speaker Dancer
LabelDoof Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Pondscum - Left Speaker Dancer


01 Pondscum - Pinkish Dip
02 Kiko Ono - Pasyonata (Hefty Output Remix)
03 Pondscum - Ode To The Panjari Hymen (Remix)
04 Sygmatix feat. Grapes of Wrath - Koogelid0o
05 Super Freak Allstars - Pasta In The Forest
06 Nexus Crawler - Sadako
07 Entropy - Tour The Psy
08 Hefty Output - Ratten vs Saundars
09 Rev - Keep Your Wig On
10 Psymmetrix - State Your Consciousness

DOOF RECORDS is coming out with a new rough diamond, a project that has been conducted by our man in Australia- ziv a.k.a katamind. Thus has collected a fresh, unique, and exciting variety of sounds. The new project LEFT SPEAKER DANCER combines hot Australian psy trance scene with the all known doof d.js whom continue to sample in an original back to the roots psychedelic way. the compilation contains Pondscums' minimal- dark psy, Hefty output- Salomon deadly tracks, Sygmatix-the progression of dark psy, Superfreak allstars, a collaboration which inflamed in a rain forest, Nexus crawler-powerful ausi sound, Entropy-say no more, r.e.v-the name of the track says it all, Psymmetrix- classic renewal.

Join us on our 28th voyage into the beautiful colourful world of psychedelic music