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Various Artists - Limitless

Various Artists - Limitless
LabelKoyote Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Menis - Fluff Killer
02 Virtuart - Time Cruncher
03 Encens - Venus Zen
04 Semsis - Mind Games
05 Miranda - Timeless Worlds Of Space
06 Xenomorph - Nevrotoxin
07 Underhead - Unify Feeling
08 Miranda - Concorde (Transportation Mix)
09 Encens - Spiritual Transgression
10 Ominus - Sunimo

Encens - Venus Zen

'The mysterious depths of space'

'(and then he's sent/we got a scent) up on our earth'

'(...) created a wave of fear which swept it all (...)'

From the movie 'The War Of The Worlds'

The War Of The Worlds

Miranda - Timeless Worlds of Space

'... timeless worlds of space.'

Xenomorph - Nevrotoxin

'These pictures were taken over a period of 8 hours, normal healthy kidney cells before they meet the virus. In the space of an hour a single virus has invaded, multiplied, and killed the cells, in just over two hours, its offspring have invaded nearby cells here and here, continually multiplying.... Jesus christ, five hours, it infects the cell, replicates and kills this fast, these numbers cant be right, Ebola takes days to do this damage. Sirs, the number are correct, I wish to god they weren't. One goes in, millions come out, every cell is dead. Now we see them individually, searching for the next victim.till there's nothing left to kill.'


From movie 'Outbreak'


Encens - Spiritual Transgression

'For these that watch and listen, for these eyes that adjusted to didnt like everything ...'

'When I snap my fingers you will awake.'

'You can posses the nature of ...'

Various Artists - Limitless: Front
Various Artists - Limitless: Back 2
Various Artists - Limitless: Back
Various Artists - Limitless: Inside
Various Artists - Limitless: Inside 2
Various Artists - Limitless: CD