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Various Artists - Limitlessness

Various Artists - Limitlessness
LabelKoyote Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Hux Flux - Short Circuit
02 Mach II - Macro Factor
03 Raia - Twilled
04 Brighton Trash Department - Costa Del Goa
05 Miranda - Gnocchi
06 Encens - Space Funk
07 Hux Flux - Time Slices (Remix)
08 Xenomorph - Chimera Shadow

Raia - Twilled

'All they care about is their egos, looking good at cocktail parties!'

'Doesn't matter Henry, the point is you might use some of the old media darling a-holes, if the media starts sniffing around'

From the movie 'Nixon'


Brighton Trash Department - Costa Del Goa

'Paranoia is just reality on a large scale'

'Addicts, drugs not yet synthesized, black marketeers, world war 3, excisors and telepathic sensitivity, osteopaths, spirits, investigators, fractions of an ounce of bland paranoid chess players, observers of fragmentary wars taken down in hebephrenic shorthand, charging unspeakable multilations of the spirit, officials of unconstituted police states...'

First one from 'Strange Days'

Strange Days

Miranda - Gnocchi

'There's nothing to be afraid of, virtual reality will rehabilitate your mind and eventually your body. You'll be alright I promise, just concentrate. Okay? Go try some music.'

'This is true spirituality'

From movie 'The Lawnmower Man 2'

The Lawnmower Man 2

Various Artists - Limitlessness: Front
Various Artists - Limitlessness: Back
Various Artists - Limitlessness: Inside 2
Various Artists - Limitlessness: Inside