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Various Artists - Liquid Mind

Various Artists - Liquid Mind
LabelPsycircle Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Glyph - The Arc
02 Electrypnose - Tricky Noise
03 Limbertimbre - Fnord Modular
04 Cilium - Gone Fission
05 Cognoscenti - Lava
06 Mubali - Dribbla'S Delight
07 Monks Of Madness - Broken Machine Office
08 Arabali - Move It Or Lose It
09 Mubodhi - Seductively Bonkers
10 Bodhisattva 13:20 - Why Bother

Liquid Mind is a collaboration of twisted style psychedelic trance composers from California and beyond. Compiled by C.L. Martin (Bodhisattva 13:20) in order to help induce the flow of psychic energy to the mind, this comp is dedicated to the infinite possibilities within the subconscious. The music contained within will help to crack the code of the psyche, and move you to the next level, so that we may continue to regain balance with the natural world.

Ranging from 148-158 bpm, this music is perfect for the outdoor nighttime psychedelic trance experience. The disk begins with Glyph's smooth and trippy beats, followed by Electrypnose's tweaky, glitched out style. Limbertimbre comes next with the same style, but harder. Clilium turns up the crazy knob, and Dai continues the same pattern, with less glitch. Mubali then shifts gears toward a deeper sound, retaining intensity. The Monks get a bit wackier, with comic samples, while remaining deep and trancy Arabali then slams us with insanity, followed by Mubodhi who goes deeper and more serious. Bodhi then ends the compilation with an unsane 158 bpm oddity.

Psycircle is originally an event crew from San Diego, which was formed in 2001 by Chris Martin and Tom Gooch. Dedicated to the outdoor desert experience, Psycircle has brought together many individuals from North America, including musicians and DJs that have become psytrance producers. A number of these individuals have track debuts on this comp. In addition, this compilation is the first release of Psycircle as a label, representing the psychedelic sound SoCal style.