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Various Artists - Little Worlds

Various Artists - Little Worlds
LabelGlowing Flame Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Braincell - Little Worlds
02 Yudhisthira - Raum
03 Imaginary Sight - UM
04 Gora Chandra - Rahu
05 Rastaliens - Rasta Bomb
06 Imaginary Sight - Sound
07 Yudhisthira - Kavi
08 Braincell - Star Dust
09 Solar Spectrum - Vibrations

Glowing Flame is making another deep hyper-dimensional trip. A trill ride stranger than science fiction, pushes you beyond the limits of your wildest imagination.

After the previous 9 releases and their worldwide success, this anniversary 10th Glowing Flame album is taking the original sound on a highest level, making this release the most special piece of art so far.
It brings new dimensions, mysterious and hidden worlds with beats of energy visible for cosmic travellers.

It begins as a dream, which is captivated by Braincell, Yudhisthira, Imaginary Sight, Gora Chandra, Rastaliens, and the conclusion by Solar Spectrum is breathtaking, the Universe we live in is not the only one.

A brain could be 3 dimensional, but with enough energy could grow to an enormous size, even bigger than the universe.

Enjoy the cosmic symphony.

Various Artists - Little Worlds: Front
Various Artists - Little Worlds: Back
Various Artists - Little Worlds: Back 2
Various Artists - Little Worlds: Inside
Various Artists - Little Worlds: Inside 2
Various Artists - Little Worlds: CD