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Various Artists - Long Space Distortion

Various Artists - Long Space Distortion
LabelApoxina Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Hired Goonz - Mystical Beer Can
02 Ect - Velvet
03 EvsY - Psychoactivitiez
04 EvsY - Rouhe-Eemelin Retket
05 Knaprika - Double Dutch
06 Neuron Compost - Dragon Poo (Remix)
07 Optical Human - Machines (Sattel Battle Remix)
08 Technical Hitch - Beyond The Woods
09 System Overload - Attack !!
10 EvsY - Back To Past

A short period of time after the Big Boom, the properties of the universe were such as the first psy-particles escaped finally from the matter.
This event engendered a cosmological psychedelic wave which re-hanged itself everywhere in all the directions.
This wave contains the initial information of the universe, its definition.
An information which proposes the organization but also its opposite : the chaos.
An information which creates what is known as the doors of consciousness.
Through those doors, many various forms of intelligence are able to travel without any limits.
This new Apoxina compilation is an experience, an invitation to open those doors towards the unknown universes of consciousness.
Thanks to some incredible artists from all around the planet as EVSY, System overload, ECT, Technical Hitch, Hired Goonz, Knaprika, Optical Human, Sattel Battle and Neuron Compost, you can now take a spaceship to visit those mysterious worlds.
In your living room as well as on the dancefloor, you'll be able to ride the cosmological wave of psychedelism.

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