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Various Artists - Looney Tunes

Various Artists - Looney Tunes
LabelBrainBusters Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Savage Scream - Voices Inside (Remix)
02 Dejan - All Looney In The Dark
03 Alien Mental - Pot Politics
04 Penta - Perfect Sunday
05 Ghreg on Earth - The Elder Sign
06 Noise Gust - Freak Out Syndrome
07 Ocelot - 4BB
08 Galaxy Madness - Claymore
09 Horror Place - Brain Borat

Dana and SpliffNik made their first party in Japan under the BrainBusters name on January 6th, 2006. The party was entitled "Looney Tunes: A Night of Crazy Music" and would be a monthly party running for the whole of 2006. During this time, BrainBusters worked with many amazing artists and this compilation showcases some of those artists that played at the "Looney Tunes" monthly party. This compilation was put together by Dana & SpliffNik and was made as a special thank you gift to be given to everyone that came to the BrainBusters 1 year anniversary party on January 6th, 2007. Due to popular global demand and the fact that the CD is not for sale, BrainBusters has given a limited number of this compilation to Saiko Sounds to distribute worldwide via their website. Remember, these CD's cannot be purchased and can only be had through this special offer, so make sure to get your copy while supplies last!

Various Artists - Looney Tunes: Front
Various Artists - Looney Tunes: Back
Various Artists - Looney Tunes: CD