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Various Artists - Lunik

Various Artists - Lunik
LabelAmaris Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Amaris Project - Intro
02 Kashyyyk - Black Mamba
03 Megalopsy - Black Hole
04 Arsenic - Triangle Circle
05 Phatmatix - Trauma
06 Wizack Twizack - Drugs 'N Stuff
07 Samadhi - Ohm Phorce
08 Triskell - T. O. S.
09 Killer Buds - Tormented Minds
10 Electrypnose vs Melodix - Graphite

Sharath, Royston, Gagan and Dean are also known as Amaris Records. Four men of two different professions made a choice. Our common ground…Psy Trance. Our choice is to let the music encompass our lives and yours.

We have had Psy Trance guide our existence since 1998, when we were first introduced to a new era of music. Our mania grew steadily with the likes of Hallucinogen, Cosmosis, Green Nuns of the Revolution, and many other masters.

To this day, our Psy experience has brought so much to our lives, that we feel our contribution to it has become an acute necessity. Thus, Amaris “The Child of the Moon” was born.

In the last several years, the talent available within the Psy Trance world has escalated to extraordinary levels. All the released and unreleased music available makes producing and giving it an additional arena to perform, an asset to our lives. It makes the exposure more potent and the commitment much stronger.

We at Amaris Records have studied the advent and growth of Psy Trance in congruence with our own lives. Whether pounding within four walls without a window, or erupting on a dance floor, psy thrives in the very essence of who we were and who we have become. Thus, offering this platform to young and upcoming talent, who share the same fervor, is an exhilarating prospect and our contribution to the evolution of this music. This is our way of thanking the world of Psy Trance that preceded us, and additionally saluting that which is yet to be.

Our first Compilation released is called “Lunik”. A Compilation that welcomes people into the Lunar Realm. Ten unreleased and customized songs from artists around the globe, that takes the listener on an extraordinary journey. According to the Amaris Records ideology, music is not just meant to entertain you, but it should require you to move on the dance floor, whether at home or at a party. Lunik does just that. It is an exceptional CD that doesn’t define a time of day to be played, but rather allows you to journey to the moon on a whim. This not stop CD promises a remarkable voyage and seventy minutes of unfathomable bliss.

Welcome to the moon & enjoy your journey with us.

Various Artists - Lunik: Front