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Various Artists - Lycans' Meeting

Various Artists - Lycans' Meeting
LabelLycantrop Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Orestis - Hyper Cube (Remix)
02 Dezolator - Wickedsick
03 White Wizard - Magnet
04 Mubali - Carnival Law
05 Muktisvara - Stuck In Trance
06 Silent Horror - Witchkraft
07 Mind Distortion System - Zeta Talk (Pole Shift)
08 Zik - Hp Low Gate
09 Jellyheadz - Last Cool & Dance
10 Already Maged - Dusty Spiders

The Post-Consumer Revolution has begun a brave new world is forming, where technology serves nature and balance is the paradigm.

A pack of lightly wounded Lycans moves into the forest, guided by full-moonlight and well-fed after a foray into the ruins of a once-great city. Still high from the hunt, with a series of howls they enter an evergreen-ringed clearing, where the ground pulsates rhythmically to the slap, slap, slap of powerful footpads, moving in time to pounding night psychedelic trance.

The Lycan hunters deposit their still-human quarry on the dancefloor. Blacklight and moonlight combine to cast an eerie glow over the clearing. Dynamic and hypnotic, the music is all-enveloping: even the trees seem to dance on this magical night. Unafraid, the humans discover their inner Lycan, and the pack expands.

Various Artists - Lycans' Meeting: Front