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Various Artists - Macao

Various Artists - Macao
LabelYabai Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Macao


01 Xatrik & Kid-X - Jack's Back
02 B-55 - Chaos Jam
03 Dirty Motion - Isolate
04 Lost and Found - Adoration (Lost And Found Remix)
05 Synergy - One Step Beyond
06 Mindcore - Universal Prophecy
07 Azax Syndrom - Unconscios Mind (Winter Demon Remix)
08 220V - Triple-X
09 Toxic & Winter Demon - Nagisa

Compiled by Atom and Yuji

This compilation of 9 dance floor annihilating tracks is the latest offering from one of Japanese leading labels and Yabai Records.

The name Macao lends itself from the world famous Macao Club in Osaka Japan where Yabai Records originated from.

This comp will give you a taste of what has made this club legendary as the tracks convey the peculiar experience and underground atmospehere of Macao. All the artists involved performed their debut Japanese set in the club so with that in mind the all star line-up includes fresh productions from Toxic, Winter Demon, B-55, Mindcore, Synergy, LostandFound, 220V and Xatrik. The Mindcore and Synergy tracks especially transport the listener to the Macao dancefloor and convey a real sense of the club special vibe.

We hope that the listeners will come away with an idea of what the Macao club and the Osaka trance scene is all about!

Various Artists - Macao: Front