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Various Artists - Malfunction

LabelMDMA Music
Typecompilation, CD

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Skazi - Malfunction


01 Fuzzion - Fuzzball
02 Prex - Malfunction
03 Soma Coma - Soma Coma
04 Skazi - Are You Still There
05 GMS vs Earthling - Cheese Balls
06 Mental Orange vs Luminus - No More Nightmares
07 Skazi - Animal
08 Delirium - Full Moon

Skazi - Animal

'Now I want you to pretend you're in a theater, a movie theater. It's one of those great old movie palaces, you are the only one there.
you look arround and you notice that the walls of the theater are painted black.'


From the movie 'Stir of Echoes'

Stir of Echoes