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Various Artists - Map of Goa 2

Various Artists - Map of Goa 2
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typecompilation, CD


01 Bizarre Contact - Monkey Mind (2006 Final Version)
02 Phanatic - Restart (Stereomatic Remix)
03 System Nipel - Lift Me Up
04 Electric Universe - Science
05 Spectrum - Albert Einstein
06 Maxximus - Bassdio
07 Audiotec - Universal Audio
08 Space Vision - Magic Spells
09 The Freak Show - Solar

01 Feedback - Progression Session
02 Brain Damage - Flux
03 Bitkit - Logical
04 Atma - The Exorcism Of The Spirit
05 Feuerhake - Tic Tac (Idot Remix)
06 Sun Control Species - Daydreamers (Sinewave Remix)
07 Aerospace - Cosmix
08 Sensifeel - Sunglaces (Gaudium Remix)
09 Ovnimoon - Shamanic Dance On Ayahuaska

Territory Restrictions: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Greece, South Africa, Hong Kong and Australia.

Map Of Goa was released in 2005 and has developed into a constant seller and is now longer in re-print. As a result and due to pulbic demand, Volume 2 will surprise everyone!

6 unreleased tracks by the likes of AUDIOTEC, SPACE VISION, THE FREAK SHOW, BRAIN DAMAGE, ATMA and SUN CONTROL SPECIES will make this edition extra special!

Scheduled for release end of September with a fantastic artwork concept, rest assured MAP OF GOA VOL.2 will have a very long shelf life!

Various Artists - Map of Goa 2: Front