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Various Artists - Marco V - Unfold

Various Artists - Marco V - Unfold
LabelFektive Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Marco V - Unfold 3 (Continuous DJ Mix by Marco V)


01 Distant Fragment - Photograph (Max Demand Progressive Remix)
02 Wippenberg - Chakalaka
03 Keemo & Tim Royko feat. Cosmo Klein - Beautifull Lie (Inpetto Remix)
04 Marco V - Treviso
05 Harris & Doman - Blown (Lexicon Avenue Remix)
06 David Weed - Red Moon
07 Sikk - The Whisper (EDX Ibiza Sunshine Remix)
08 Paul Thomas & Funkagenda pres. Ptfa - Thrapp
09 Daniel Portman - Wellness (Sultan Shephard Illness Dub Remix)
10 Daniel Portman - Rumour Has It
11 Dave Seaman - Gobbledygook (Funkagenda's Repulse Remix)
12 Max Demand - 200d
13 Sultan - Pressure (Sultan & Ned Shephard Remix)

01 Sultan - Protection (Toca Disco Remix)
02 Scalambrin & Sicily Pleasure - Flashback
03 Genetik & Gio Martinez - Pixel
04 Daniel Bortz - Sudwind
05 Tommie Sunshine - Limit Of Your Mind (Tocadisco Beach Club Remix)
06 Super Slut - Balerias
07 Marco V - Coma Aid
08 Emmanuel Dunn - Norfolk
09 Thomas Penton pres. Stripwalker - Krackhouse
10 Jonno Brien - Be Alright
11 Marco V - A Journey Into Sound
12 Beat Service - Ricochet
13 Marco V & Sander Van Doorn - Organic
14 Artento Divini & Fausto - Lupara

The third in this popular series Compiled And Mixed By Marco V.

Marco V needs no introduction but we're going to give you one anyhow. The globe-trotting DJ, outstanding and original music producer, basically, a true pioneer and influence to many in the sound we call 'Trance' today. Whether it's rocking major festivals or tuning into his monthly top 10 radio show, you're guaranteed to of heard the sound of Marco and if you haven't then where the fc+k have you been!?!

Continuing onwards and upwards from the last instalment (Unfold 2 - Christopher Lawrence), Marco takes this latest in this 'favourite' series into new territory. Think deep, dark, driving and atmospheric, think 3am hands in the air and another big bass-line or techy wonder hit's the speakers and makes you go off the hook that's Unfold 3, that's the sound of Marco V.

With some exciting tracks included as part of this 2cd compilation, your guaranteed to see the more relaxed side of a 'typical' Marco set and also the main-room peak-time side of things, mixed in the studio just exactly like you would hear it when you see the man do his thing live.and+8232; We at Fektive have aimed to take things to a whole new level with this 3rd instalment and we're sure that you will enjoy this just as much as we have. Hat's off to the man who made it happen, ears open and get ready, as this is gonna' blow the roof off!

Various Artists - Marco V - Unfold: Front