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Various Artists - Matsuri Summer Festival 2007

Various Artists - Matsuri Summer Festival 2007
LabelYabai Records


01 Mondo - Yabai Moon
02 B-55 - The Mess
03 Phatmatix - Beyond Reality
04 Digital Talk feat. Dimitri Zara - Trust Your Eyes
05 Mindcore - Bizarre Phenomena Remix
06 Toxic - White Magic Remix
07 Azax Syndrom vs Ultravoice - Test Fligh
08 Abomination - Revelations Remix
09 Bliss - Hard Kore

This monster compilation, called Matsuri Vol.2, was droped by japanese dark full on label...

...Yabai Records. This power pack includes a Music CD and a DVD movie that was taken from last Yabai Summer Festival 2007.

All of nine tracks were written as special for this compilation.Include Toxic, Phatmatix, Mindcore, Azax Syndrom, Digital Talk, B-55, Mondo etc...

Make you say Yabai!

Various Artists - Matsuri Summer Festival 2007: Front