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Various Artists - Menog - The Tribe Remixes

Various Artists - Menog - The Tribe Remixes
LabelPlanet B.E.N. Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Bliss - Upsidedown (Menog Remix)
02 Shift - Serius Problem (Menog Remix)
03 Rinkadink - Techmology V3 (Menog Remix)
04 Azax Syndrom vs Digital Talk - Fusion Reaction (Menog Remix)
05 Audialize - Roop Suhana (Menog Remix)
06 CPU - Deleted (Menog Remix)
07 Space Tribe vs Psywalker - Twitched (Menog Remix)
08 Planet B.E.N. - Music Is My Space (Menog Remix)
09 Menog - Emotions (Remix)

The tribal's journey begins with a 148 bpm's, briliant rmx from a Bliss track that will rock any dancefloor on this planet... The Rmx of a Shift track, with new ideas inside, becomes even more powerfull for the night time. The third rmx evolved from a Rinkadink track, which was a big hit during the last 2 years on the worldwide trance scene. The night style comes back with a great rmx from Azax syndrom and Digital talk, to kick it hard...!

The fifth rmx is from an Audialize track, one of Dani's (a.k.a Menog) friends, which leads you into a more spiritual direction. Then comes a rmx from Cpu with an instrumental top notch production to bring some Colour to the dancefloor. In order to keep on the psychedelia, the next rmx is born from a Spacetribe and Psywalker combination, bringing the new age production together with Goa melodies that takes you into a journey to the past for a few minutes. When you come back, you find a rmx from a Planet Ben track, with a more groovy Guitar flavour. To close the album, Dani a.k.a Menog remixed one of his own tracks, to share the full feelling of the TRIBE.