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Various Artists - Meta Blast

Various Artists - Meta Blast
LabelMetatron Production
Typecompilation, CD


01 Organic Soup - Crazy Legs
02 Sidhartha - Tranceform (Vibraddict Remix)
03 Sidhartha vs Technodrome - Psychedelic Broadcast
04 Static Nation - Laboratory Of Time
05 Rocket Crew - Nothing Hill
06 Khopat - Space Girl
07 Earworm - Major Turbolence
08 Tube - Melodrama
09 Technodrome - Pcp Reaction
10 Luxor - Techno-Party
11 Parallel Universes - Outro

Metatron Production, from Israel deliver their 5th release V/A - meta-blast.

The V/A contains 11 previously unreleased tracks by well known artists and collaborations with 1st appearance promising blasted creatively new acts,

Carefully compiled and selected by Aran Oren (V/A need for speed)

Get ready to be blast by the Meta-blast!