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Various Artists - Meteor Swarm - Compiled By Meteor Burn

Various Artists - Meteor Swarm - Compiled By Meteor Burn
LabelDigital Drugs Coalition
Typecompilation, CD

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Psychoz - Meteor Swarm: Compiled by Meteor Burn (Best of Goa, Progressive Psy, Fullon Psy, Psychedelic Trance)


01 Stereographic - Out Of This World
02 Cerebral Factory - Disturbed (Electrypnose Remix)
03 Hallucypnotic - Mekanofobia
04 Antagon - Echoes
05 Tricossoma - Satanic Culture
06 Terratech vs Paraforce - Mystical Powers
07 Meteorburn - Space Soldier
08 Zenmind - Absolution
09 Psychoz - Black Snake
10 Kasatka - Howlup

Meteorburn, Portuguese duo, Sérgio aka Meteor & Xano aka Burn who are burning a hole in the dance floor with their non stop mega masher bass lines and full throttle mentalities coming deep from psy-space with a mission to deliver the hardest rocking chunky space debris right to your brain. Meteor Swarm is just what you need to keep your local scene up to date on the latest psyentific discoveries. Stereographic balances our freak-quencies with a broadcast received from Out of This World. Electrypnose remixes his collaboration project Cerebral Factory (vs Karash) to deliver a new form of pleasure. Hallucypnotic trips us out even more with a Mekanofobic report. Antagon ricochets off of nearby asteroids while Tricossoma delivers a startling revelation. Terre Tech and Paraforce combine powers to create a mystical new energy. Meteor Burn joins the ranks of the starship troopers whose job it falls upon to navigate the treacherous swarm. ZenMind brings absolution to those who must face a dark fate while Psychoz discovers a new friend he found living in the bottom of a deep crater. Kasatka screams to an explosive finish with his own brand of howling insanity. After hurtling through space with this swarm of blazing dark-psy talent you will never come back to earth (if you ever truly were there to begin with =). Digital Drugs is a coalition of psychedelic trance artists from around the globe who believe that digital art + music are the purest form of getting high. expect unique, fresh + truly out of this world productions from this hot posse !!

Various Artists - Meteor Swarm - Compiled By Meteor Burn: Front