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Various Artists - Mindshare

Various Artists - Mindshare
LabelMistress Of Evil
Typecompilation, CD


01 The Fractal Saddhus - Pigletts Go Whuooom
02 Ocelot - Badabum
03 Quasar - Wake Up Yer Ass
04 Darkabba - Nonlinear Mallard Syndrome (Xylamanda Remix)
05 Alien Mental - Itchin 'n' Glitchin
06 M.W.S. - Stinger
07 Xylamanda - (Not) Krazy
08 Ghreg on Earth - Angelikshdwlnd

As the music takes hold, the invisible barriers around us begin to break down. Individuality flourishes, paving the way for the growth of real community. Ideas and inspirations flow freely between us like water.

The Mindshare compilation is the sonic reality of the majik that transpires on the dancefloor. It is a tribute to that moment when everything else crumbles around you and you are left awestruck with disbelief at the beauty that surrounds you.

Named after two synchronistic, and now legendary, Northern California parties, Mindshare is comprised entirely of the artists that were directly involved with creating the majikal events. Your guide for this adventure is a set of eight carefully selected twisted tracks from some of the most talented producers in the genre. Also included is a Xylamanda bonus music video produced by up and coming Vj/Producer EgNogRa (Shaman Films).

Mindshare, the third compilation in a line of innovative new releases from Mistress of Evil Records, is mastered by Lawrence Hoffman at Chromatone studios in San Francisco, lending a clean, professional sound to the album.