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Various Artists - Monkey Mission

Various Artists - Monkey Mission
LabelMushy Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Monkey Mission (Compiled by In-panic)


01 In-Panic - Monkey Mission
02 Borderline - After Shock
03 In-Panic vs Bubble - Imitation Of Life
04 Neurotic Pulse - I'm Feeling Bizarre
05 Chemical Logic - Anti Gravity
06 Ellis Vanghoul - Nerdlead
07 Mojo Jojo vs Bubble - Time To Kill
08 Rewind Evolution vs In-Panic - I'm Burning
09 Night Vision - New Vision
10 Bubble - Hour Of Power

Finally its here! The long awaited new release by Mushy records - Monkey mission. Gaining power, raising and carefully choosing each and new talent, track and sound, Mushy Records are back- Bigger and better then ever before.

As we wish to make a statement that would back up the label's believes (the vision is not to follow others rather setting the paste itself), the new compilation is giving a stage to the labels arsenal of both well known and new recruited talents. When sound, quality and emphasize the tiniest of details are well heard. These hard mission was honored by the label promising talent In-Panic, a "new kid on the block" which already been described as the upcoming raising star of psychedelic trance scene took upon himself the duty of combining all those unique pieces of art served as solid powerful dish that is guarantee to shake dance-floors all around the globe.

In-Panic vs Bubble - Imitation Of Life

'Human beings have dreams. Even dogs have dreams, but not you ... you are just a machine, an imitation of life.'

From the movie 'I, Robot'

Various Artists - Monkey Mission: Front