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Various Artists - Moonkeys

Various Artists - Moonkeys
LabelMoon Spirits Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 GMS vs Sonicsurfers - Hyperspaced
02 Talamasca vs Dimitri D.K.N. - Abstract Energy
03 Nomad - The Magic Sofa's Show
04 Omi & Exaile - Going Commercial
05 Central Processing Unit - Simulation
06 Sirius Isness - Psychedelic Love Stories
07 Silicon Sound - Voyager
08 Signs - The World Has Changed
09 Cell - Father

GMS vs Sonicsurfers - Hyperspaced

"Trajectory is good. The Hyperspace Core is away."

"This is Fleet Command. Stand by for Hyperspace Core transfer. Containment Unit on-line. All power signatures in the green. Primary couplings released. Trajectory is good. The Hyperspace Core is away."

From the computer game "Homeworld 2"

Various Artists - Moonkeys: Front
Various Artists - Moonkeys: Back
Various Artists - Moonkeys: Inside