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Various Artists - Mush-A-Holic

Various Artists - Mush-A-Holic
LabelWired Music
Typecompilation, CD

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Audio-X - Mush-A-Holic (Compiled By DJ Mush)


01 Paranormal Attack vs Mush - Tell Me Why
02 Audio-X - Exhilarating
03 Eskimo - 5 & 1/2 Stars
04 Mad Hatters - Alien Area
05 Void - Spanish Harlem
06 Life Style vs Cosmonet - Unreal
07 Cycle Sphere - Electrical Resistance
08 Mad Hatters vs Life Style - Faith (Audio-X Remix)
09 Skulptor - Feel Me With Your Touch

The label Wired Music releases Mush a Holic featuring nine exclusive new tracks and outstanding artists of the trance scene like Eskimo, Void and Paranormal Attack and the new stars of Brazilian trance Audio-X, Life Style, Cosmonet, Skulptor and Mad Hatters. It's a sure-fire album, which brings the full on played in the largest parties in Brazil.

This is the first album signed by Alexandre Dias, DJ Mush. Mush is 23 years old and started his career 4 years ago playing in the best parties in Brazil and he is part of Trade Sound DJ's casting. He was on the two editions of XXXperience DVD, and the largest Brazilian parties of the genre like XXXperience, Orbital, Chemical Music Festival and Groove Attack have staged Mush's performances. His experience playing abroad includes club Hoaman 17 in Israel, together with artists like Skazi, Void, among others.

Mad Hatters - Alien Area

As the stealth bombers rolled of the assembly line, rumors circled that the military was conducting test flies with a recovered alien space craft at a secret facility known as Area 51

Various Artists - Mush-A-Holic: Front