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Various Artists - Mushroom Trance 3

Various Artists - Mushroom Trance 3
LabelNova Tekk Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Space Safari - Extended Sun
02 Lou Maximizer - A Good Bug is a Dead Bug
03 Electric Universe - Meteor
04 Mittelstandskinder Ohne Strom - Unearth
05 Michael Dog & D.I.M.O. - Trip to Sha Ka Ree
06 Atmos - The Only Process
07 Sugar - Magic Void
08 Roentgen - Mushdata
09 Volldampf - Mariuhana
10 Cybersnack - Fish

01 Dimension 5 - Flow
02 Bus - Bullet (Original)
03 Bus - Bullet (Cass vs Slide Esprit de Corps Mix)
04 Etnica - History
05 Astral Projection - Searching for UFOs
06 Shiva Chandra - Electric Blue
07 Cybersnack - Tibalien
08 Space Safari - The Beauty
09 Excession - Skein

Atmos - The Only Process

'The only process'


Dimension 5 - Flow

'Wherever you flow, just flow right back to the center of everything.'

'You gotta turn off your mind, and relax, and just float downstream.'

From movie 'The Trip'

The Trip

Etnica - History

'The alien ship is on its way to rendevous with history.'

'Oh my God, they are realy from anotherworld.'

'Final launch sequence check is complete'

First two from movie 'Star Trek - First Contact'

Star Trek VIII - First Contact

Astral Projection - Searching for UFOs

'We were flying along on a H20... bomber very much like this one, and we are comming south with ... and we are just about the same altitude, about 5000 feet above the ground with something ... in the back of the airplane reported before, then we had bright light comming down toward the aircraft behind us.'

'Searching for UFOs.'

Various Artists - Mushroom Trance 3: Front
Various Artists - Mushroom Trance 3: Back