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Various Artists - Namaste From Russia 2

Various Artists - Namaste From Russia 2
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Namaste from Russia 2


01 Deja Vu Fabrique - Mini Naked Race Car
02 Samadhi - Kalinka Psymalinka
03 Dissociactive - Scalopendr 3000
04 Fungus Funk - Deja Vu Poetry
05 Abnormal Project - When The Goblins Appear
06 Red - White Night
07 Dominator - 400 Wolt
08 Aerofurious - Atom Core
09 Psykovsky vs Deja Vu Project - Ketzakoatl
10 Ilmush - Birth Of The World

INDIGO RECORDS proudly presents a joyful psychedelic message to all over the world, going from Russia. NAMASTE FROM RUSSIA II is a successful selection of all of the best, with what psy- stage of Russia today is presented by. The powerful Russian sound is presented, in particular, by such projects as Psykovsky, Zolod (Terminator), Furious, Fungus Funk, Dissociactive. You will not bypass the attention Psykovsky's track which was written by him within a year. This track was not made in a well known Psykovsky's super-speed, but only in 147 BPM. There is also Zolod's track "Deja vue fabrique" which should take place in an album Deja vue. We are assured that all fans of full power twisted sound should like Aerofurious'es track - Atom Core which was written by both participants of the project. Super-modern sound of Abnormal's track will probably surprise you because strongly differs from what you could hear on its solo album which was released, to our regret, with 2 years delay. And, at least, we suggest you a bonus-track of project Ilmush, with mystic IDM-energy, which will return you to awareness and queitness, that indoubtedly possessed by represented on cover Buddha Shakyamuni, which, as it is saying, came of the Slavic grounds 2550 years ago.

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