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Various Artists - Native Sound

Various Artists - Native Sound
LabelNoga Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Native Sound - by Mitsumoto


01 Gataka vs Aquatica - Higher Level (Electro Sun Vs Visual Paradox Remix)
02 Sesto Sento vs DNA - Move To The Groove
03 Cosmic Tone - Ye Boy
04 Ziki vs Vibe Tribe - Chemical Reaction
05 Celldweller - Switch Back (Zikimoto Remix)
06 Space Cat - Sun Burn (System Nipel Remix)
07 Phanatic - Tokyo Night
08 Freaked Frequency - Native Sound
09 Zikimoto - Maniac

Noga records is back with a brand new, fresh compilation series 'Native Sound', compiled by Tokyo based, legendary producer/Dj Mitsumoto, he has been producing dance floor oriented music (among other musical projects) for over 15 years, under various collaboration, such as the famous Joujouka duo alongside one of the most recognized figures, producer/Dj Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Future Sonic (with Ali Murakami), Syzgism (with Ray Castle).

Mitsumoto also produced, many years ago under the alias Sinister Association.His one of a kind Live act has been viewed by the masses, on intimate stages and huge events, such as Fuji Rock Festival, held yearly, and is considered as one of the biggest and most successful events in the world.

These days, Mitsumoto is also collaborating with Ziki (Noga records) on a project named 'Zikimoto'.Native Sound, is a massive compilation release presenting one brilliant track after the other, including tracks by Top international producers, including an exciting, breathtaking collaborations, remixed tracks, and solo tracks.

Native Sound, features tracks by Cosmic Tone, Gataka Vs. Aquatica, System Nipel, Ziki Vs. Vibe Tribe, and a special remix to Celldweller - Switch Back, by Zikimoto.

Various Artists - Native Sound: Front