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Various Artists - Naturall Frequency 1

Various Artists - Naturall Frequency 1
LabelNaturall Productions
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Naturall Frequency 1


01 Bitkit & Saigon - Shadowhunter
02 Tikal - Spaceship
03 Jharu & Apnea - Just Elsewhere
04 Lani & Didjetal Vehicle - Didjetal Vehicle (Jharu Dj Remix)
05 Xerox & Passenger - Angel Kaya (La Mila Remix)
06 Chi-A.D. - Biocandy (Lani Remix)
07 Gowax - Jorunn
08 Fraktophon - Nachtvolk
09 Lani - Call It What You Want (Live @ The Zoo Feb 2008)

Naturall frequency 1
Dj Jharu is the man behind the new label Naturall productions and also is the co-founder of the projects called LANI , with their astonishing live act they claimed many dancefloors around the world , Live and Dj , and together with Fraktophon he made his 3rd Album called "SEARCH YOUR DREAM" as LA MILA after his dj set Last year at Universo Paralello he deceided to start his own recordlabel , as a result of that now is born ...
Naturall frequency 1 ,this is the first compilation of the new Belgium based psychedelic trance label , The artists we gathered are some very experienced people like Bitkit and Lani and some new Guys who are very skilled and talented and worked for some years now before their first release Fraktophon , LA Mila, this small group of people is designing not only an individual sound, but also the new sound for a Night of naturall psychedelics mashed up with some belgians finest dj sets.

This Label is set to bring you an exclusive night of psychedelic trance without boundaries in style or sound , and all hand made in Belgium , the Land of Light .... As a guest on this compilation we present you Tikal from france who doesn't need an introduction anymore .. his style fits the morning part of our label perfectly

To make the connection to the early days we remixed some of the scene epic classics on this compilation like the XEROX AND PASSENGER hit "Angel KAYA", one of belgians most played records of all times , and Dj jharu's personal favorite . Also in this Top 2 F jharu's all time favorite Is the epic classic of Chi-ad Biocandy Here comes the experience of this dj above as he plays psychedelic trance since 1998, We could call it a 10 year celebration of his dedication to the scene worldwide.

The newest member of the Label FRAKTOPHON is represented on this compilation with his almost allready classic and highly awaited track "Nachtvolk" make sure to give him the Full 10 minutes he deserve and let him Blow your Mind again in these hard days of trance !!!!

This compilation also features 2 dj tracks made by the labels finest dj's ...Apnea , Gowax and are produced by dj Jharu , and represents the style they stand for and where jharu just is the liquid medium between them and technology ..... As a desert we present you the live version of Lani's call it what you want , recorded live in the belgian club the zoo ,
to check out where it all happened ,

We really hope you enjoy this new and fresh direction ....
Your naturall team .

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