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Various Artists - Nectar

Various Artists - Nectar
LabelTropical Beats
Typecompilation, CD


01 Filur - Fallin (True To Nature Remix)
02 Juice - Panic Stations
03 Nick Dem Q - Keep It Goin (Martin H Remix)
04 Julio Torres - Ajax Remix
05 Corejoy - Goin On
06 Alpha Drive - Passing Moment (Side Out Remix)
07 Chris M. & Llopis - Filthy Waves
08 Side Out - Marroco Trip
09 Jokke Ilsoe - Hello
10 James Monro - On The Road Again
11 Emok & Jokke Ilsoe - More (Thomas Penton Remix)
12 Beckers - Switch

Tropical Beats first release mixed and compiled by one of the world's progressive icon James Monroe. The Scottish dj and producer with more than 15 years of experience, brings a selection of exclusive productions from consecrated artists and new releases from the label's producers, mixed within his remarkable style. He delivers a smooth and intense, deep and hypnotic set that progressively grows until its end Its what you can expect from this especially selected and mixed compilation by James for the debut of his new record label.

Beckers - Switch

All I really want is You
Not just a glamour boy
Don't tell me what i got to do
I'm not your party toy
I know, that I'm a kind of bitch
And I like to destroy
But now, it's really time to SWITCH
I give you endless joy'

Various Artists - Nectar: Front
Various Artists - Nectar: Back
Various Artists - Nectar: Back 2
Various Artists - Nectar: Inside
Various Artists - Nectar: Inside 2
Various Artists - Nectar: Inside 3
Various Artists - Nectar: Inside 4