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Various Artists - New Visions

Various Artists - New Visions
LabelVision Quest
Typecompilation, CD


01 Kido vs Perplex vs Slider - New Visions
02 Dune - Neptune
03 2 Minds - The Union
04 Joti & DJ Edoardo - Chaotic Biotic (Ptx Remix)
05 Cycle Sphere - Jump Into The...
06 Freakulizer vs Firewall - Lets Face The Music
07 Z-Machine - New Line
08 Solar System - Dark Star
09 Freedom Fighters & Sundose - Rock Steady
10 Audio Junkies - Age Of Prodigies

KIDO is Matan Elmalem; Currently Kido is considered to be one of the most active and influential DJ's / Artists in Israel and around the world.

After releasing his first Compilation on Spectrum Music named "Analayzer Part 3", with massive dance floor hits, and touring the world for the last year Kido felt that it is time to sum up his past year activities with another fresh and unique Compilation. Collaboration with Vision Quest Records was more than natural and the Compilation "NEW VISIONS" was born.

Kido choice of music shows us many new comers that are on the rise; among the tracks on "NEW VISIONS" you will find new and exciting artists such as DUNE, SLIDER, CYCLE SHPERE. Track by track KIDO is showing us the way into a new area of exciting new artists that will rule the dance floor in the years to come. OPEN YOURSELF TO THE FUTURE WITH "NEW VISIONS"

Various Artists - New Visions: Front