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Various Artists - No Mercy For The Weak

Various Artists - No Mercy For The Weak
Label5th Element Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Freqtrik - Unholy
02 Silent Horror & Hishiryo - Slavengers
03 Multi Evil - Turbulence
04 Silent Horror - Mindgame
05 Polyphonia & Mubali - Life
06 Horror Place - Elusinia Mystery
07 Sonik Scizzor - Mechanical Masterpiece
08 Audiopathik - 4 Da Wicked
09 Gukumatz - Untold Story
10 Rellik Dica - Welcome To Fucking Tijuana

"No mercy for the weak" has been magically compiled by Umbra and Wicked and it's dedicated to all of you into dark, twisted, evil and crazy freaky sounds out there. This compilation is composed for the darker hours of the night and features upcoming and high acclaimed talents around the globe. No compromise just shining night-full psychedelic tunes for the dance floor!

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