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Various Artists - No Time No Space

Various Artists - No Time No Space
LabelParvati Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - No Time, No Space


01 Arjuna - Chemical Jungle
02 Atriohm - Shimer Dose
03 Jahbo - Ultrasonic Energy
04 Papiyan - Lurendrejer
05 System Overload vs Mubali - Swan Song
06 Mussy Moody - New Visions
07 Syntax Error - The Grapes Of Wrath
08 Kuro Fusion - The Druids Dipsauce
09 Onkel Dunkel - Beware Of Geeks Bearings Gifs
10 Gidra - Spider Skunk

After the trilogy of the "Psy Stories" series Parvati Records, the danish based label known for the high acid dancefloor treats, comes up with a new compilation marking its typical vibe.

Parvati presents here to the psychedelic community 10 fresh tunes from its incomparable pool of artists. Beside old heroes of the danish crew like Jahbo, Mussy Moody, Monno & Jaffa (GOW) both here with their solo projects Onkel Dunkel and Syntax Error, "No Time No Space" introduces few new rising acts: Arjuna, the italian label dj, who already appeared on the Psy Stories 3 as Acoustic Reaktion, Kuro Fusion, a young talent from the Netherlands, for sure the
insiders tip and a hot name in the future.

The Makedonian attitudes of highly tripped out atmospheres delights us in the shape of Atriohm brothers with their recent state of the art.
Papiyan, again a danish project from the Aarhus posse, is also taking part in this acid fracasis together with Gidra from India and a corporation bewteen System Overload (Eske from the Hokus Pokus project) and Mubali from USA.

To make this journey again to an exciting and for sure sneaky grooved out trip "No Time No Space" spreads the fun factor throughout the tracklist and conjures the Parvatis twisted
grin. This compilation wants to set yet another shining mark on the field of psychedelics to be used and enjoyed in the twilight as well as in the morning hours!