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Various Artists - Notorious Biscuits

Various Artists - Notorious Biscuits
LabelHypo=espresso Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Wata - What Color?
02 Supercozi & Electronic Pirates feat. Donni1 - I'm Mad Enough
03 Electronic Pirates - Shortcut (Minimal Remix)
04 Gus Till - Burn Your Shoes
05 DJ Lik & U-Nik - The Fairytales
06 Brent Burns - One
07 Wata - Music Is Music
08 Sexy Pie - Sexy Pie
09 G.B.Catalyzer - From The Dawn
10 Ree.K - Catwalking

Hypo=espresso Records proudly delivers it's first dance compilation !! 10 crispy , unreleased tracks that pushing the boundaries and crossing over the genres between Progressive, Tech house, and Electro . All tracks are newly produced from all over the world , including 4 fresh , young new producers from Japan , Greece, South Africa and Canada . Also you can find well established names such as Electronic Pirates ( a.k.a Serge Souque / Total eclipse , Antidote ) , Gus Till and 2 Japanese female techno producers Ree.K and Supercozi , also Supercozi's new solo project G.B Catalyzer . This album is designed for not only dance floor but also for home listening , you can dive into the fresh ideas on the powerful beats and the diverse sound scapes that trip your mind out to the space

Various Artists - Notorious Biscuits: Front