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Various Artists - Nuance

Various Artists - Nuance
LabelIboga Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Ace Ventura - Nuance


01 Fiord - Still
02 Antix - Blew
03 9West - Wake Up
04 Ace Ventura - Rise (Perfect Stranger Remix)
05 Sunseek - Working Like A Dog
06 Gaudium - Higher Zones (Liquid Soul Remix)
07 Zero Divide - Sobe Girl
08 Excession - Cerberus
09 Behind Blue Eyes - Blood, Sweat And Tears

Label heads Banel and Emok has yet again collected a bunch of excellent tracks from some of the in house artists and good connections around the globe.

The selection includes Greek duo '9 West' and Swedish 'Gaudium', who are two new signings, and both are preparing albums to new sub label 'Prestige Music' and Iboga respectively.Antix is also preparing a new album for 2007 and with the track 'Blew', we get a teaser from it.

Fiord is one of the key players on the new Iboga sublabel 'Prestige Music' and the track 'Still' is featured here on 'Nuance'.Besides this we have interesting contributions from Grant collins (Excession), well known in the old days as'Darshan', released on Flying Rhino, and the duo 'Zero Divide' from USA.

Also to be found is new music from Sunseek and behind Blue Eyes. Perfect Stranger has done a marvellous remix of the already classic ace ventura tune, 'Rise'.

Various Artists - Nuance: Front