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Various Artists - Nucleus

Various Artists - Nucleus
LabelUltra Groove Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Nucleus


01 Pion - Illegal Posture
02 Aki - Anabolic
03 Etnica vs Arkanoydz - Dance With Me
04 Pion vs Aki - Amnesia
05 Soundformer - Man And Machine
06 Absolum - Astral Body Surfing
07 Species - Walk On The Bassline
08 Digital Number - Disco Side
09 Prosper - Defract

This is the 2nd release from the Ultra Groove household. Which embodies the next step into groove-on sphere. Nine exclusive unreleased tracks from the impressive UG artist pool and habituee' collaborators: Pion, Aki, Prosper, Etnica vs Arkanoydz, Species, Absolum, Digital Number and Soundformer.

Tried and tested by the mightiest names on the scene, on massive rigs all over the globe, Nucleus is the 2nd taster from the Ultragroove team, another fine chapter of the Ultragroove Saga!

Various Artists - Nucleus: Front