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Various Artists - Nykto

Various Artists - Nykto
LabelDharma Kshetra
Typecompilation, CD


01 Para Halu - The Hive (Reloaded)
02 Dominator - Shankar
03 Atriohm - Jolting
04 DarkPsy - Gt4
05 Iron Madness - The Homicide Hour
06 BON - Apocalypse Now
07 Claw vs Paranoize - Psychopath
08 Iron Madness - Alligator Terminal
09 Candy Power - Twisted Incantations

After making psy-trance gatherings in South Florida, US for 8 years, DJs Arjuna and Demi are thrilled to bring a collection of soul shaking, feet propelling night time psychedelic gems.

All unreleased tracks by sonic masters Para Halu, Dominator, Atriohm, Dark Psy, Iron Madness, Claw vs. Paranoize and Candy Power. All tracks mastered by Xenomorph. Music composed to lift dance floors in the dark deep spiralling meditative path of the twisted minds.

Shake off your thoughts while tunnelling through a tsunami of supersonic soundscapes, banging drums and flying bass lines.