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Various Artists - Occurrance

Various Artists - Occurrance
LabelOxygen Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Setherian vs Highpersonic Whomen - Floripa Sunshine
02 Sound Field - One Step Above The Sun
03 Echotek - Endless Run
04 Triptych vs Sim 1 - Silver Trip
05 Setherian - What Was Lost And Forgotten
06 Chromosome vs Rumble Pack - Hypochondricals
07 Spectra - Insane
08 Visua - Sayonara
09 Native Radio - Downtschaggi

We are extremely proud to announce our 3rd compilation – Brought to you for the first time by the endearing and enchanting face of Oxygen, Djane Nem.

With this compilation you can fully expect the same high standards that have set Oxygen Records as the hallmark for excellence. With levels of streaming energy and musicality, Nem has carefully chosen 9 tracks to bring out the best in today's scene in all its shades and forms from tranced out progressive moods through to morning fresh and fluffy vibes, whilst still ensuring that silky smooth touch from a feminine mind.

VA - Occurrance contains previously unreleased tracks, again collecting exclusive collaborations from some of today's established and unsung artists - Triptych vs. Sim 1 brings together one half of Silver Surfer and no one less than the master himself Protoculture – Chromosome vs. Rumble Pack and Setherian vs. Highpersonic Whomen are for sure collaborations that truly deserve full attention.

Fresh from his brilliant debut album 'Beyond Belief', Spectra returns with a hot new unreleased track together with artist productions from the likes of Echotek, Visua, Native Radio and Sound Field that offer this compilation their finest achievements to date.

In Summarizing, all in all, our new compilation delivers a much deeper, vibrant, smooth and groovy release. We have taken time to find the right tracks that provide that fine balance between a trancey progressive vibe and intelligent morning full-on tracks. Some of the tunes sit really on the edge of both styles and for that we are extremely pleased with the end result.