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Various Artists - Olympic Sound 2

Various Artists - Olympic Sound 2
LabelEnigmatic Sound Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Analyzer feat. Jenny - Running from myself
02 Freedom Fighters - Ressurection
03 Indra - Kosher Line
04 Passive Attack - Old Memory
05 Team 18 & Dj Yagi & Didrapest - Higher now
06 Holymen & Indra & Dj Yagi - Golden Age
07 Underbeat - City Light's
08 NMR & Team 18 - Yossy
09 Quantum Leap & Psyche Logos - Our Dreams
10 Holymen & Trinitix - Angel's Poesy

Holymen of the Enigmaticsound producer doing a lot of music offers. Holymen also a famous artist.

He Participates Energetically in a festival and a party of all over the World. He has ernormous popularity in a club freak of all over the world. Keep making a hit of full on psychedelic trance. A sacred place of a trance king of an Israeli trance is Holymen and the popular club enormous in Tokyo Atom.

Dj Yagi plays an active part a regular Dj at a psychedelic Floor. A Party is also held every week in nigata wich is his home. Energetic activity is estimated highly. He's also resident Dj of N.P.D. Sound Crew. He play a lot of festivals in japan.

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