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Various Artists - One Dub

Various Artists - One Dub
LabelInterchill Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - One Dub


01 Sugar Minott - Take It Dub
02 Vibronics feat. Macka B - Tired Of The War
03 Gaudi - 100% Rootikal
04 Liquid Stranger - Welcome To My Culvert
05 Ashtech - Just Try
06 System Error feat. Michael Rose - Time Bomb (Dub)
07 Luciano - What We Got To Do (GCorp Remix)
08 Ragana - Ah
09 Michael Rose - Throw Some Dub
10 Bush Chemists - Good Sensi Dub 2
11 Dr. Israel - Dub Inna Babylon
12 Big Bass Theory - All Of Us
13 International Observer - Binman Dub
14 Pushmipulyu - We Make it Work (Impossible Dub Remix)
15 Manasseh & Praise - Dub For Dennis

-Diving into the world of dub reggae, Interchill's latest compilation One Dub' is ready to hit sound systems just in time for the summer season. From rootsy to experimental and from steppers to dubstep, this selection takes in the many flavours of dub.

There are islands of dub all over the world, not just in the obvious locations. It's a production technique and sound unto itself and has spread far and wide since its birth in Jamaica in the 70's. Now, people in countries as diverse as Italy, Poland, New Zealand, Canada and Brazil are all mad for it. Always a crucial influence to the Interchill sound, the dub forms presented here show just how far the network has grown in 40 years.

This compilation features many of the luminaries of the dub scene from around the world. The selection is heavy, deep and spiced with conscious vocals from reggae greats such as Macka B, Sugar Minott, Michael Rose, Luciano and Dr. Israel. Interchill favorites Gaudi, Liquid Stranger, Ashtech and Pushmipulyu make solid contributions, as do Canada's Big Bass Theory and Poland's Ragana. Manasseh & Praise and International Observer both give a taste of material from upcoming albums.

One Dub is an album to take with you on summer roadtrips, to festivals or to bring sunny vibes to wherever you may be. Light up the chalice and crack open some cold ones - One Love, One Dub

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