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Various Artists - Oxycanta

Various Artists - Oxycanta
LabelUltimae Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - [ Oxycanta ]


01 Ghostfriend - Moist
02 Solar Fields - Detection (Partially Detected)
03 Between Interval - Aerolith
04 Aes Dana - Mineral Lights (Submerge Edit)
05 Cell - Floating Retention
06 Asura - Galaxies
07 Sync24 - Source
08 Hybrid Leisureland - Trampoline Hotel
09 Subgardens - Listen To The Flowers Grow (Aes Dana Remix)
10 Omnimotion - Magic Tree

Electro atmospheric glides amidst emotional gardens. A deep floating compilation embodying the works of pioneers in the exploration of a new wave of electro ambient music.

Oxycanta is an expression of spatial density with the constant presence of our natural environment at times in its organic recorded form, others transduced into atmospheric textures by advanced technologies. Its title derives from Crataegus Oxyacantha, commonly known as the Hawthorn, a tree whose leaves and berries are legendary for their heart-healing properties.

Compiled and mixed by Mahiane, aka Sunbeam, co-manager of Ultimae, label artist and deejay, Oxycanta presents various compositions gliding into each other with intangible obbligato.

Various Artists - Oxycanta: Front
Various Artists - Oxycanta: Back
Various Artists - Oxycanta: Inside
Various Artists - Oxycanta: Inside 2
Various Artists - Oxycanta: Inside 3
Various Artists - Oxycanta: CD