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Various Artists - Patchuli Sexy Lounge

Various Artists - Patchuli Sexy Lounge
LabelMoonstone Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Digital Samsara - 7 am
02 Ultimax - Amanita Muscaria
03 Mike A - Sued Avatihim
04 Zion - Arise
05 Dao - Isqh
06 Ma Faiza vs Veet Sandeh - What?
07 Capsula - Dendrimers & Dreamers
08 Plan B - Mr. Wave
09 Visual Paradox - Gayo (2005 remake)
10 Ultravoice - Children Of Earth (Ambient Version)
11 Vibe Tribe - Adish

The Patchuli Sexy Lounge is collaboration between MoonStone Records and the Patchuli Bar/Lounge based in Israel.

The Patchuli Bar was founded two years ago and it's a combination of color, sound, sense and test creating a unique and spiritual atmosphere based on elements taken from mother earth. The name Patchuli came from a bosh which grows in India and Indonesia.The oil made from the Patchuli plant is known for the desire affect it creates and through history its sense was used to seduce the opposite sex and producing talismans to encourage women's fertility.

The Patchuli Sexy Lounge compilation was born from the will to create a 'Patchuli Atmosphere' by mixing different elements and sounds from different corners of the world into a flowing chill out compilation.Artists from a wide range of electronic styles such as Visual Paradox, Vibe Tribe, Ma Faiza and Veet Sandeh, Dao and more gathered into one by releasing their creations, some already released on albums with respectable labels and some in the beginning of their way.

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