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Various Artists - Peace For The Wicked

Various Artists - Peace For The Wicked
LabelOsom Music
Typecompilation, CD


01 Psykovsky & Cosmo - So Many Q
02 Kindzadza & Cosmo - Hydro Panic
03 Kindzadza & Energy Loop & Terranoise - Cyber Force
04 Osom - Night Flirt
05 Osom - Bilkul Ajnabii Hai
06 Matutero feat. Osom - Brain Diggers
07 Osom - Activate Drivers
08 Osom - Berg Stuerz
09 Psykovsky & Furious - Hydro Phone
10 Psykovsky & Highko & Kindzadza - Technology To Develop

The divine essence of union on the dancefloor is merely fortified by the united essence of the following compilation release.

Proudly presented by two new-born international record labels Osom Music (Moscow - Singapore) and Tantrumm Records (New York - Bombay), the CD unites the collaborative creations by two artists well known worldwide aka Kin Dza Dza and Psykovsky, and half of its contents is based on their superior amalgamation under the name of Osom. Appearing pretty hard, in a range of 150 - 160 bpm (though sometimes even higher) the compilation starts directly from kick & bass and for sure abounds with the plenty of mellifluous intros inside it.

An exquisite craftsmanship, not less than 10 upbeat cyberdelic boosters brought to you by Osom, Kin Dza Dza and Psykovsky together with Cosmo and Highko, Kin Dza Dza together with Energy Loop and Terranoise, Osom with Matutero, Psykovsky with Furious - rest and peace for all wicked - rust in peace for all deads - a non-negotiable cyberdelic desideratum, written in a popular manner for sure and to ensure our reasonable longevity.

Resplendent in a light digipak jacket, the CD is a styling product of extremely vigorous exercises for a graveyard shift, for a bower amusement, for a bugger all, and for the best price ever.