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Various Artists - Peakopath

Various Artists - Peakopath
LabelPeak Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Master Margherita feat. Tanina - Bonkers (Intro)
02 Little Pumpkin vs Noisy Pipes - DTC
03 EVP - Kaepirinha
04 Yab-yum - Invincible
05 Atriohm - Lost
06 Electrypnose vs Highko - Internal Moves
07 Yab-yum & Ocelot - Yab-Yum & Ocelot
08 Drumatik - Born To Be Wild
09 Clockstoppers - Magical Places
10 Ocelot - Minor Deviant
11 Dimitri Zara vs Synthogen - Escom
12 Flooting Grooves vs Dymons - Whatwasthat (Outro)

After the recent success of "Utopeak", "Chillogram" and of the two debut albums from Swiss artists Electrypnose ("Le Tireur de Ficelles") and Drumatik ("Peak Process"), Peak Records proudly returns with its tenth release: PEAKOPATH.

PEAKOPATH is a dark night-time selection of storming psychedelia!

Compiled yet again by DJ Gaspard (this is his sixth creature), PEAKOPATH is an international opus including tracks by gifted artists from Switzerland, France, the U.K., Germany, Israel, Macedonia and the U.S.A.

PEAKOPATH is a climatic compilation. A relatively light beginning gives way to tracks that take the audience further and further and further into psychedelic realms, before dropping back down a little again at the end. A collection of "must-haves" for psy lovers and DJs around the globe, that are sure to raise dust in festivals and parties everywhere.

Ten mind-blowing tracks framed, as is the custom at Peak, by a chilled experimental intro and outro. As always, there are no gaps between the tracks making for perfect home listening material, as well as being absolutely useable by DJs in party situations.

A guaranteed brainstormer, PEAKOPATH, will take listeners down a very psychedelic path of their mind: yes! The peako-PATH!

Various Artists - Peakopath: Front